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verb (used with object), ad·jec·tiv·ized, ad·jec·tiv·iz·ing.
  1. Grammar. to make into an adjective, as by adding a suffix: The noun mirth can be adjectivized by adding -ful or -less to form the adjectives mirthful and mirthless.
  2. to apply adjectives to; describe: He tends to adjectivize himself as loyal and trustworthy, but that is far from accurate.
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verb (used without object), ad·jec·tiv·ized, ad·jec·tiv·iz·ing.
  1. to overdescribe: She adjectivizes in agonizing detail, using three adjectives where even one would be superfluous.
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Also especially British, ad·jec·tiv·ise.

Origin of adjectivize

Related formsad·jec·tiv·i·za·tion, noun
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