[ ad-vahyz ]
/ ædˈvaɪz /
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verb (used with object), ad·vised, ad·vis·ing.

to give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following: I advise you to be cautious.
to recommend as desirable, wise, prudent, etc.: He advised secrecy for the sake of national security.
to give (a person, group, etc.) information or notice (often followed by of): The investors were advised of the risk. They advised him that this was their final notice.

verb (used without object), ad·vised, ad·vis·ing.

to take counsel; consult (usually followed by with): I shall advise with my friends.
to offer counsel; give advice or recommend particular actions, conduct, etc.: I shall act as you advise.



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Origin of advise

First recorded in 1275–1325; late Middle English; replacing Middle English avisen, from Anglo-French, Old French aviser, verbal derivative of avis “opinion” (from a vis; see advice)
pre·ad·vise, verb (used with object), pre·ad·vised, pre·ad·vis·ing.re·ad·vise, verb, re·ad·vised, re·ad·vis·ing.
advice, advise
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British Dictionary definitions for advise

/ (ədˈvaɪz) /

verb (when tr, may take a clause as object or an infinitive)

to offer advice (to a person or persons); counselhe advised the king; to advise caution; he advised her to leave
(tr sometimes foll by of) formal to inform or notify
(intr foll by with) mainly US or obsolete to consult or discuss
C14: via Old French from Vulgar Latin advīsāre (unattested) to consider, from Latin ad- to + visāre (unattested), from vīsere to view, from vidēre to see
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