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aetatis suae

[ahy-tah-tis soo-ahy; English ee-tey-tis soo-ee]
  1. in a certain year of one's age.
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anno aetatis suae

[ahn-noh ahy-tah-tis soo-ahy; English an-oh i-tey-tis soo-ee]
  1. in the year of his age; in the year of her age.
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Examples from the Web for aetatis

Historical Examples of aetatis

  • Quaere Mr. Partridge of his Directio mortis, scilicet about 35 aetatis.

    Brief Lives (Vol. 1 of 2)

    John Aubrey

  • He had been hoisted up to that serene height by no means honoris causa, but aetatis causa.

    Acton's Feud

    Frederick Swainson

  • He died while Sheriffe of the County the 25th day of September 1675 aetatis suae 63.