[ verb uh-fil-ee-eyt; noun uh-fil-ee-it, -eyt ]
/ verb əˈfɪl iˌeɪt; noun əˈfɪl i ɪt, -ˌeɪt /
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verb (used with object), af·fil·i·at·ed, af·fil·i·at·ing.

verb (used without object), af·fil·i·at·ed, af·fil·i·at·ing.

to associate oneself; be intimately united in action or interest.




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Origin of affiliate

1755–65; <Latin affīliātus adopted as son (past participle of affīliāre), equivalent to af-af- + fīli(us) son + -ātus-ate1
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British Dictionary definitions for affiliate


verb (əˈfɪlɪˌeɪt)

(tr; foll by to or with) to receive into close connection or association (with a larger body, group, organization, etc); adopt as a member, branch, etc
(foll by with) to associate (oneself) or be associated, esp as a subordinate or subsidiary; bring or come into close connectionhe affiliated himself with the Union

noun (əˈfɪlɪɪt, -ˌeɪt)

  1. a person or organization that is affiliated with another
  2. (as modifier)an affiliate member
affiliation, noun
C18: from Medieval Latin affīliātus adopted as a son, from affīlīare, from Latin filius son
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