/ (ælˈfiːəs) /

  1. Greek myth a river god, lover of the nymph Arethusa. She changed into a spring to evade him, but he changed into a river and mingled with her

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How to use Alpheus in a sentence

  • Alpheus, who had reached the age when men desire to act, plunged in after her.

    Castellinaria | Henry Festing Jones
  • Once more Captain Alpheus Briggs had proved himself, in time of crisis, a man; more than a man—a master of men.

    Cursed | George Allan England
  • All the way along, shipmasters and seafaring folk nodded respectfully to Alpheus Briggs, or touched their hats to him.

    Cursed | George Allan England
  • There stood Alpheus Briggs, smearing his bearded lips with his hirsute paw—for once again he had been at the liquor below.

    Cursed | George Allan England
  • Carefully tended beard, well-brushed coat and polished boots all proclaimed Alpheus Briggs a proud old man.

    Cursed | George Allan England