[ al-toh-kyoo-myuh-luhs ]
/ ˌæl toʊˈkyu myə ləs /
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noun, plural al·to·cu·mu·lus.Meteorology.

a cloud of a class characterized by globular masses or rolls in layers or patches, the individual elements being larger and darker than those of cirrocumulus and smaller than those of stratocumulus: of medium altitude, about 8000–20,000 feet (2450–6100 meters).



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Origin of altocumulus

First recorded in 1890–95; alto- + cumulus
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British Dictionary definitions for altocumulus

/ (ˌæltəʊˈkjuːmjʊləs) /

noun plural -li (-laɪ)

a globular cloud at an intermediate height of about 2400 to 6000 metres (8000 to 20 000 feet)
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Scientific definitions for altocumulus

[ ăl′tō-kyōōmyə-ləs ]

Plural altocumuli (ăl′tō-kyōōmyə-lī′)

A mid-altitude cloud composed of fleecy white or gray patches or bands. Altocumulus clouds generally form between 2,000 and 6,100 m (6,560 and 20,000 ft). See illustration at cloud.
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