[ am-bish-uhs ]
/ æmˈbɪʃ əs /
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having ambition; eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, wealth, a specific goal, etc.: ambitious students.
showing or caused by ambition or an earnest desire for achievement or distinction: an ambitious attempt to break the record for number of wins in a single season.
strongly desirous; eager: ambitious of love and approval.
requiring exceptional effort, ability, etc.: The candidate is proposing an ambitious program for eliminating all slums.
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Origin of ambitious

1350–1400; Middle English <Latin ambitiōsus, equivalent to ambiti(ō) ambition + -ōsus-ous

synonym study for ambitious

1. Ambitious, aspiring, enterprising describe a person who wishes to rise above his or her present position or condition. The ambitious person wishes to attain worldly success, and puts forth effort toward this end: ambitious for social position. The enterprising person, interested especially in wealth, is characterized by energy and daring in undertaking projects. The aspiring person wishes to rise (mentally or spiritually) to a higher level or plane, or to attain some end above ordinary expectations.


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How to use ambitious in a sentence

  • But on top av my ambitiousness there was an empty place in my sowl, an' me own opinion av mesilf cud not fill ut.

    Soldier Stories|Rudyard Kipling
  • Ambitiousness in those olden days showed itself in momentary outburst; the ambitiousness of to-day runs riot.

    The Wisdom of Confucius|Epiphanius Wilson
  • Nevertheless the lad wondered at the size and ambitiousness of this undertaking and accomplishment in the wilderness.

    The Secret Cache|E. C. [Ethel Claire] Brill
  • Well, I don't want to discourage your ambitiousness, but I guess you've struck Kilo about the worst time in the century.

    Kilo|Ellis Parker Butler

British Dictionary definitions for ambitious

/ (æmˈbɪʃəs) /

having a strong desire for success or achievement; wanting power, money, etc
necessitating extraordinary effort or abilityan ambitious project
(often foll by of) having a great desire (for something or to do something)

Derived forms of ambitious

ambitiously, adverbambitiousness, noun
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