[ am-byuh-lak-ruh m, -ley-kruh m ]
/ ˌæm byəˈlæk rəm, -ˈleɪ krəm /

noun, plural am·bu·lac·ra [am-byuh-lak-ruh, -ley-kruh] /ˌæm byəˈlæk rə, -ˈleɪ krə/.

one of the radial areas in an echinoderm, as the sea urchin, bearing the tube feet by which the creature moves.

Origin of ambulacrum

1830–40; < New Latin, Latin: alley, walking place, equivalent to ambulā- (stem of ambulāre to walk) + -crum noun suffix denoting means


am·bu·lac·ral, adjectivein·ter·am·bu·la·crum, noun, plural in·ter·am·bu·la·cra. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for ambulacral

/ (ˌæmbjʊˈleɪkrəm) /

noun plural -ra (-rə)

any of five radial bands on the ventral surface of echinoderms, such as the starfish and sea urchin, on which the tube feet are situated

Derived forms of ambulacrum

ambulacral, adjective

Word Origin for ambulacrum

C19: from Latin: avenue, from ambulāre to walk
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