amende honorable

[ uh-mend -on-er-uh-buhl; French a-mahn daw-naw-ra-bluh ]
/ əˈmɛnd ˈɒn ər ə bəl; French a mɑ̃ dɔ nɔˈra blə /
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noun, plural a·mendes ho·no·ra·bles [uh-mendz -on-er-uh-buhl; French a-mahn daw-naw-ra-bluh]. /əˈmɛndz ˈɒn ər ə bəl; French a mɑ̃ dɔ nɔˈra blə/.

a formal apology to a person whose honor has been offended.



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Origin of amende honorable

From French, dating back to 1660–70; see origin at amends, honorable
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British Dictionary definitions for amende honorable

amende honorable
/ French (amɑ̃d ɔnɔrablə) /

noun plural amendes honorables (amɑ̃dz ɔnɔrablə)

a public apology and reparation made to satisfy the honour of the person wrongedSometimes shortened to: amende
C18: literally: honourable compensation
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