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[am-fik-tee-uh n]
  1. a deputy to the council of an amphictyony.
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Origin of amphictyon

1580–90; back formation from amphictyons < Greek amphiktýones, orig. amphiktíones neighbors, equivalent to amphi- amphi- + -kti- inhabit + -ones noun suffix (plural)


[am-fik-tee-uh n]
noun Classical Mythology.
  1. a son of Deucalion and Pyrrha who seized the throne of Attica and who, in devising a plan for avoiding disputes at his council meetings, became the first man to mix water with wine.
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Historical Examples

  • Amphictyon, we are told, was the author of that which bore his name.

    The Federalist Papers

    Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison

  • The chiefs thus gathered together called this assembly the Am-phic-ty-on´ic Council, in honor of Amphictyon.

  • But consider whether this be not a prize proper to the Pythian games, as appropriate to Amphictyon.

  • Amphictyon represents the first of these institutions, and Aethlius the second.

  • The hero Amphictyon, whose temple stood at Thermopylæ, passed in mythical genealogy for the brother of Hellen.

British Dictionary definitions for amphictyon


  1. a delegate to an amphictyonic council
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Word Origin

C16: back formation from amphictyons, from Greek amphiktiones neighbours, from amphi- + ktizein to found
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