[ wiz-ee-wig ]

  1. of, relating to, or noting a screen display that shows text exactly as it will appear in printed output, including underlining, various typefaces, as italics, line spacing, end-of-line breaks, and paragraph indentations.

  1. a WYSIWYG display: This program won't give you true WYSIWYG, but it does show boldface text and underlining.

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British Dictionary definitions for WYSIWYG


/ (ˈwɪzɪˌwɪɡ) /

n acronym for, adj acronym, acronym forcomputing
  1. what you see is what you get: referring to what is displayed on the screen being the same as what will be printed out

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Scientific definitions for WYSIWYG


[ wĭzē-wĭg′ ]

  1. Short for what you see is what you get. A word-processing or desktop publishing system in which text is displayed on a monitor exactly as it will be printed.

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