[ uh-nak-ree-on-tik ]
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adjectiveSometimes anacreontic .
  1. of or in the manner of Anacreon.

  2. convivial and amatory.

  1. anacreontic, an Anacreontic poem.

Origin of Anacreontic

First recorded in 1650–60; from Latin Anacreōnticus, equivalent to Anacreōnt- (from Greek Anakreōnt-, stem of Anakréōn ) Anacreon + -icus adjective suffix; see -ic

Other words from Anacreontic

  • A·nac·re·on·ti·cal·ly, adverb

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How to use Anacreontic in a sentence

  • The "Anacreontic to a Plumassier" is a very delicate piece of verse, fluffy and feathery.

    Thomas Moore | Stephen Gwynn
  • "The Anacreontic hymns of John Damascenus form a marked contrast to—" when the sentence was interrupted by a knock at the door.

    Cord and Creese | James de Mille
  • In the succeeding example the sentiment is still more Anacreontic.

    The Catacombs of Rome | William Henry Withrow
  • He said this to himself as an officer was trolling forth an Anacreontic song.

    Commodore Junk | George Manville Fenn
  • Toast, sentiment, and Anacreontic song, succeeded each other at speedy intervals; but there was no speechifying—no politics.

    Rookwood | William Harrison Ainsworth

British Dictionary definitions for Anacreontic


/ (əˌnækrɪˈɒntɪk) sometimes not capital /

  1. in the manner of the Greek lyric poet Anacreon (?572–?488 bc), noted for his short songs celebrating love and wine

  2. (of verse) in praise of love or wine; amatory or convivial

  1. an Anacreontic poem

Derived forms of Anacreontic

  • Anacreontically, adverb

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