[ an-tuh-seed-nt ]
/ ˌæn təˈsid nt /
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preceding; prior: an antecedent event.


a preceding circumstance, event, object, style, phenomenon, etc.
  1. ancestors.
  2. the history, events, characteristics, etc., of one's earlier life: Little is known about his birth and antecedents.
Grammar. a word, phrase, or clause, usually a substantive, that is replaced by a pronoun or other substitute later, or occasionally earlier, in the same or in another, usually subsequent, sentence. In Jane lost a glove and she can't find it, Jane is the antecedent of she and glove is the antecedent of it.
  1. the first term of a ratio; the first or third term of a proportion.
  2. the first of two vectors in a dyad.
Logic. the conditional element in a proposition, as “Caesar conquered Gaul,” in “If Caesar conquered Gaul, he was a great general.”



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Origin of antecedent

1350–1400; Middle English (<Middle French ) <Latin antecēdent- (stem of antecēdēns) going before, present participle of antecēdere to antecede; see -ent
an·te·ce·den·tal [an-tuh-see-den-tl], /ˌæn tə siˈdɛn tl/, adjectivean·te·ced·ent·ly, adverb
antecedence, antecedents
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British Dictionary definitions for antecedent

/ (ˌæntɪˈsiːdənt) /


an event, circumstance, etc, that happens before another
grammar a word or phrase to which a pronoun refers. In the sentence "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones," people is the antecedent of who
logic the hypothetical clause, usually introduced by "if", in a conditional statement: that which implies the other
maths an obsolescent name for numerator (def. 1)
denying the antecedent logic the fallacy of inferring the falsehood of the consequent of a conditional statement, given the truth of the conditional and the falsehood of its antecedent, as if there are five of them, there are more than four: there are not five, so there are not more than four


preceding in time or order; prior
See also antecedents
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Medical definitions for antecedent

[ ăn′tĭ-sēdnt ]


A precursor.
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