[ an-ten-uh ]
/ ænˈtɛn ə /
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noun, plural an·ten·nas for 1, an·ten·nae [an-ten-ee] /ænˈtɛn i/ for 2.
a conductor by which electromagnetic waves are sent out or received, consisting commonly of a wire or set of wires; aerial.
Zoology. one of the jointed, movable, sensory appendages occurring in pairs on the heads of insects and most other arthropods.
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Origin of antenna

1640–50; <Latin: a sailyard


an·ten·nal, adjectivepost·an·ten·nal, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for antenna

/ (ænˈtɛnə) /

plural -nae (-naɪ) one of a pair of mobile appendages on the heads of insects, crustaceans, etc, that are often whiplike and respond to touch and taste but may be specialized for swimming or attachment
plural -nas another name for aerial (def. 7)

Derived forms of antenna

antennal or antennary, adjective

Word Origin for antenna

C17: from Latin: sail yard, of obscure origin
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Scientific definitions for antenna

[ ăn-tĕnə ]

One of a pair of long, slender, segmented appendages on the heads of insects, centipedes, millipedes, and crustaceans. Most antennae are organs of touch, but some are sensitive to odors and other stimuli.
A metallic device for sending or receiving electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves. Some antennas can send waves in or receive waves from all directions; others are designed to work only in a range of directions.
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