[ an-til-eez ]

plural noun
  1. a chain of islands in the West Indies, divided into two parts, the one including Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico (Greater Antilles ), the other including a large arch of smaller islands to the SE and S (Lesser Antilles, or Caribees ).

Other words from Antilles

  • An·til·le·an [an-til-ee-uhn, an-tl-ee-], /ænˈtɪl i ən, ˌæn tlˈi-/, adjective, noun

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How to use Antilles in a sentence

  • They say that the filibuster formerly pursued his calling on the north of the Antilles and the seas of the south.

  • Dynastes Hercules, a great insect of a fine ebony black, with its elytra of an olive grey, is not rare in the Antilles.

    The Insect World | Louis Figuier

British Dictionary definitions for Antilles


/ (ænˈtɪliːz) /

pl n
  1. the Antilles a group of islands in the Caribbean: See also Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles

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