[ an-tip-uh-dee-uhn ]
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  1. of, relating to, or originating from places on the opposite side of the globe, especially Australia and New Zealand; antipodal: One can only assume that an inch-long European cockroach is of little concern to a woman accustomed to antipodean spiders the size of dinner plates.

  2. directly or diametrically opposite; antipodal: The vector map includes lines that pass through the antipodean meridian.

  1. someone who lives in or comes from the opposite side of the globe, especially Australia or New Zealand:As the flooding disaster follows hot on the heels of Australia’s droughts and fires, we antipodeans wonder what we've done to have these natural disasters visited upon us.

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How to use antipodean in a sentence

  • An incident of our stay in Adelaide may serve to show the mental attitude of your average antipodean.

    Nat Goodwin's Book | Nat C. Goodwin
  • It is full of excellent imported trout, which flourish well in these antipodean waters and attain a weight of six or seven pounds.

    The Last Voyage | Lady (Annie Allnutt) Brassey
  • He is the antipodean agitator, and the acknowledged benefactor of his fellow colonists in their land of adoption.

    Fern Vale (Volume 3) | Colin Munro
  • And now a word about this antipodean land on which our unlucky hero looked out from the prison-ship.

  • Artificial lakes are made for the cultivation of fish caught in antipodean streams.