[ a-per-sy ]
/ a pɛrˈsü /
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noun, plural a·per·çus [a-per-sy]. /a pɛrˈsü/. French.
a hasty glance; a glimpse.
an immediate estimate or judgment; perception; insight.
an outline or summary.
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Origin of aperçu

First recorded in 1825–30; from French: literally, “perceived”; past participle of the verb apercevoir
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How to use aperçu in a sentence

  • Mais je m'apercus bientôt que le bon Wilde n'avait en mon gout qu'une confiance relative, et je le recommandai aux soins de Retté.

    Oscar Wilde|Arthur Ransome
  • It must be their affection that has given me these luminous apercus.

  • These apercus of Heyne did not prevent Tieck's independent thinking; they never fettered him.

British Dictionary definitions for aperçu

/ French (apɛrsy) /

an outline; summary
an insight

Word Origin for aperçu

from apercevoir to perceive
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