noun Botany, Mycology.
  1. the asexual development of a sporophyte from a cell or cells of the gametophyte other than the egg.

Origin of apogamy

First recorded in 1875–80; apo- + -gamy
Related formsap·o·gam·ic [ap-uh-gam-ik] /ˌæp əˈgæm ɪk/, a·pog·a·mous, adjectiveap·o·gam·i·cal·ly, a·pog·a·mous·ly, adverb
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  1. a type of reproduction, occurring in some ferns, in which the sporophyte develops from the gametophyte without fusion of gametes
  2. the development of a diploid cell in the embryo sac of flowering plants into an embryo without being fertilized
Derived Formsapogamic (ˌæpəˈɡæmɪk), adjectiveapogamous, adjective
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