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  1. clothing, especially outerwear; garments; attire; raiment.
  2. anything that decorates or covers.
  3. superficial appearance; aspect; guise.
  4. Nautical. the masts, sails, anchor, etc., used to equip a vessel.
  5. Ecclesiastical. a piece of embroidery, usually oblong, on certain vestments, especially on the alb or amice.
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verb (used with object), ap·par·eled, ap·par·el·ing or (especially British) ap·par·elled, ap·par·el·ling.
  1. to dress or clothe.
  2. to adorn; ornament.
  3. Nautical. to equip (a vessel) with apparel.
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Origin of apparel

1200–50; Middle English appareillen < Old French apareillier to make fit, fit out < Vulgar Latin *appariculāre, equivalent to ap- ap-1 + *paricul(us) a fit (see par1 -cule1) + -ā- thematic vowel + -re infinitive suffix
Related formso·ver·ap·par·eled, adjectiveun·ap·par·eled, adjectivewell-ap·par·eled, adjectivewell-ap·par·elled, adjective


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1. clothes, dress, garb, costume, habiliments, vesture. 6. outfit, array, deck out.
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Historical Examples

  • She was sitting alone, apparelled in royal silk, and weeping.

    The Science of Fairy Tales

    Edwin Sidney Hartland

  • She was tall and slender, apparelled all in white, with a girdle of gold.

    Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories

    Arthur Christopher Benson

  • In good truth, they were apparelled in most comfortable and seemly fashion.

    In Hostile Red

    Joseph Altsheler

  • For me, on this occasion, Leeds was 'apparelled in celestial light.'

    Ellen Terry and Her Sisters

    T. Edgar Pemberton

  • They were all apparelled in the richest costume of their country.

British Dictionary definitions for apparelled


  1. something that covers or adorns, esp outer garments or clothing
  2. nautical a vessel's gear and equipment
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verb -els, -elling or -elled or US -els, -eling or -eled
  1. archaic (tr) to clothe, adorn, etc
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Word Origin

C13: from Old French apareillier to make ready, from Vulgar Latin appariculāre (unattested), from Latin apparāre, from parāre to prepare
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Word Origin and History for apparelled



mid-13c., "to equip (in any way)," from Old French apareillier (12c.), from Vulgar Latin *appariculare. This is either from Latin apparare "prepare, make ready" (see apparatus), or from Vulgar Latin *ad-particulare "to put things together." The meaning "to attire in proper clothing" is from mid-14c. Cognate with Italian aparecchiare, Spanish aparejar, Portuguese aparelhar. Related: Appareled; apparelled; appareling; apparelling.

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"personal outfit or attire," early 14c., also "ship's rigging," from Old French apareil "preparation," from apareillier (see apparel (v.)). Earlier in same sense was apparelment (early 14c.).

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