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  1. advanced record system.
  2. Agricultural Research Service.
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ars est celare artem

[ahrs est ke-lah-re ahr-tem; English ahrz est suh-ley-ree ahr-tuh m, -lair-ee, ahrs]
  1. it is art to conceal art; true art conceals the means by which it is achieved.
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ars gratia artis

[ahrs grah-tee-ah ahr-tis; English ahrz grey-shee-uh ahr-tis, ahrs]
  1. art for art's sake.
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ars longa, vita brevis

[ahrs lohng-gah wee-tah bre-wis; English ahrz lawng-guh vahy-tuh bree-vis, brev-is, vee-tuh, ahrs]
  1. art is long, life is short.
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