[ as-fik-see-uh ]
/ æsˈfɪk si ə /

noun Pathology.

the extreme condition caused by lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood, produced by interference with respiration or insufficient oxygen in the air; suffocation.

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Origin of asphyxia

1700–10; < New Latin < Greek asphyxía a stopping of the pulse, equivalent to a- a-6 + sphýx(is) pulse + -ia -ia

Related formsas·phyx·i·al, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for asphyxial


/ (æsˈfɪksɪə) /


lack of oxygen in the blood due to restricted respiration; suffocation. If severe enough and prolonged, it causes death
Derived Formsasphyxial, adjective

Word Origin for asphyxia

C18: from New Latin, from Greek asphuxia a stopping of the pulse, from a- 1 + sphuxis pulse, from sphuzein to throb

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Word Origin and History for asphyxial



1706, "stoppage of pulse," from Modern Latin, from Greek asphyxia "stopping of the pulse," from a- "not" (see a- (3)) + sphyzein "to throb." The current sense of "suffocation" is from 1778, but it is a "curious infelicity of etymology" [OED] because victims of suffocation have a pulse for some time after breathing has stopped.

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Medicine definitions for asphyxial


[ ăs-fĭksē-ə ]


A condition in which an extreme decrease in the amount of oxygen in the body accompanied by an increase of carbon dioxide leads to loss of consciousness or death.

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Science definitions for asphyxial


[ ăs-fĭksē-ə ]

A condition characterized by an extreme decrease in the amount of oxygen in the body accompanied by an increase of carbon dioxide, caused by an an inability to breathe. Asphyxia usually results in loss of consciousness and sometimes death.
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