1. Iowa (approved especially for use with zip code).

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  1. a noun suffix having restricted application in various fields, as in names of diseases (malaria; anemia), placenames (Italia; Romania), names of Roman feasts (Lupercalia), Latin or Latinizing plurals (Amphibia; insignia; Reptilia), and in other loanwords from Latin (militia).

Origin of -ia

From New Latin, Latin, Greek, equivalent to -i- (formative or connective) or -ī- (Greek -ei- ) + -a, feminine singular or neuter plural noun or adjective ending

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  1. in absentia.

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  1. Iowa.

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suffix forming nouns
  1. occurring in place names: Albania; Columbia

  2. occurring in names of diseases and pathological disorders: pneumonia; aphasia

  1. occurring in words denoting condition or quality: utopia

  2. occurring in names of botanical genera: acacia; poinsettia

  3. occurring in names of zoological classes: Reptilia

  4. occurring in collective nouns borrowed from Latin: marginalia; memorabilia; regalia

Origin of -ia

(for senses 1–4) New Latin, from Latin and Greek, suffix of feminine nouns; (for senses 5–6) from Latin, neuter plural suffix

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abbreviation for
  1. Iowa

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