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[uh-tahyuh r]
verb (used with object), at·tired, at·tir·ing.
  1. to dress, array, or adorn, especially for special occasions, ceremonials, etc.
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  1. clothes or apparel, especially rich or splendid garments.
  2. the horns of a deer.
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Origin of attire

1250–1300; (v.) Middle English atiren < Anglo-French atirer, Old French atirier, verbal derivative of a tire into a row or rank (see a-3, tier1); (noun) Middle English atir < Anglo-French, noun derivative of the v.
Related formsre·at·tire, verb (used with object), re·at·tired, re·at·tir·ing.un·at·tired, adjectivewell-at·tired, adjective
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Related Words for attires

habit, garb, vestment, uniform, costume, apparel, dress, getup, clothes, gear, things, outfit, threads, array, raiment, duds, wear, togs, accoutrements

Examples from the Web for attires

Historical Examples of attires

  • Their attires were iridescent, gorgeous in the fashions borrowed from many lands.

    The Hill of Venus

    Nathan Gallizier

  • Denise attires her young mistress, who looks really pale after this enforced seclusion.

    Floyd Grandon's Honor

    Amanda Minnie Douglas

  • One of the women brings forward a number of attires of false hair, golden and red, and from these the Queen chooses one.

    English Costume

    Dion Clayton Calthrop

  • She attires herself splendidly; he swings her on to his horse behind him, and they ride to a wood.

  • Magdalen attires herself with the utmost splendor, and, to hear the sermon better, takes a place immediately under the pulpit.

British Dictionary definitions for attires


  1. (tr) to dress, esp in fine elegant clothes; array
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  1. clothes or garments, esp if fine or decorative
  2. the antlers of a mature male deer
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Word Origin for attire

C13: from Old French atirier to put in order, from tire row; see tier 1
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Word Origin and History for attires



c.1300, "to fit out, equip; to dress in finery, to adorn," from Old French atirier "to equip, ready, prepare," from a- "to" + tire "order, row, dress" (see tier). Related: Attired; attiring.

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c.1300, "equipment of a man-at-arms; fine apparel," from attire (v.).

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