1. beautiful people; beautiful person.

  1. blood pressure.

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  1. baptized.

  2. birthplace.

  1. bishop.

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  1. Finance. basis point.

  2. below proof.

  1. Commerce. bills payable.

  2. Physics, Chemistry. boiling point.

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  1. bills payable.

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  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy.

  2. Bachelor of Philosophy.

  1. Finance. basis point.

  2. Archaeology.before (the) present: (in radiocarbon dating) in a specified amount of time or at a specified point in time before a.d. 1950: between 2 and 3 million years B.P.; human groups living in cities by 5000 B.P.

  3. Commerce. bills payable.

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How to use BP in a sentence

  • And what was more English, what more typical of the public-school man, than the letter B.-P.

  • Warington had been born ten years before Ste, and it is a mighty good thing for B.-P.

  • In a few minutes the whole place was in a roar, and, as one of the officers told me, the regiment recognised that in B.-P.

  • Looking back over the past Mr. Girdlestone finds that what impressed him most in B.-P.

  • At that time it was the habit to speak about men as "this old bloater" and "that old bloater," and the expression so tickled B.-P.

British Dictionary definitions for bp (1 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. (of alcoholic density) below proof

  2. boiling point

  1. bishop

British Dictionary definitions for BP (2 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. blood pressure

  2. British Pharmacopoeia

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