/ (ˈbiːdzmən) /

nounplural -men
  1. a variant spelling of beadsman

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How to use bedesman in a sentence

  • "Edie Ochiltree, nae maister—your puir bedesman and the king's," answered the Blue-Gown.

    The Antiquary, Complete | Sir Walter Scott
  • "Really, sir, I dinna feel myself called on to remember," replied the cautious bedesman.

    The Antiquary, Complete | Sir Walter Scott
  • The ancient bedesman was hurt, and possibly, had he been a younger man, he would have hurt this scoffer in return.

    The Dover Road | Charles G. Harper
  • In consequence of its use in this general sense of pensioner, “bedesman” was long used in English as equivalent to “servant.”

  • bedesman, one who says prayers for another, humble servant; III.

    Arden of Feversham | Anonymous