[ bih-dev-uhl ]
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verb (used with object),be·dev·iled, be·dev·il·ing or (especially British) be·dev·illed, be·dev·il·ling.
  1. to torment or harass maliciously or diabolically, as with doubts, distractions, or worries.

  2. to possess, as with a devil; bewitch.

  1. to cause confusion or doubt in; muddle; confound: an issue bedeviled by prejudices.

  2. to beset or hamper continuously: a new building bedeviled by elevator failures.

Origin of bedevil

First recorded in 1760–70; be- + devil

Other words from bedevil

  • be·dev·il·ment, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use bedevil in a sentence

  • He felt as in some hideous dream—long-involved—a maze of delusion and bedevilment, from which there was no escape.

    Mount Royal, Volume 3 of 3 | Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  • Isabelle did not formulate any plan of bedevilment for the Captain, but she watched for opportunities with lynx-eyed attention.

    The Cricket | Marjorie Cooke
  • So I hope there is the greater chance of no such bedevilment happening to me.

  • Scotland is the home of weird, uncanny creatures, who take lovely shapes for the bedevilment of poor weak souls.

  • She had helped him—I had his own word for it that at Clockborough her bedevilment of the voters had really put him in.

    The Coxon Fund | Henry James

British Dictionary definitions for bedevil


/ (bɪˈdɛvəl) /

verb-ils, -illing or -illed or US -ils, -iling or -iled (tr)
  1. to harass or torment

  2. to throw into confusion

  1. to possess, as with a devil

Derived forms of bedevil

  • bedevilment, noun

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