[ bih-hoof ]
/ bɪˈhuf /

noun, plural be·hooves [bih-hoovz] /bɪˈhuvz/.

use; advantage; benefit: The money was spent for his own behoof.

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Origin of behoof

before 1000; Middle English behove, Old English behōf profit, need; cognate with Dutch behoef, German Behuf


[ bih-hoov ]
/ bɪˈhuv /
(chiefly in impersonal use)

verb (used with object), be·hooved, be·hoov·ing.

to be necessary or proper for, as for moral or ethical considerations; be incumbent on: It behooves the court to weigh evidence impartially.
to be worthwhile to, as for personal profit or advantage: It would behoove you to be nicer to those who could help you.

verb (used without object), be·hooved, be·hoov·ing.

Archaic. to be needful, proper, or due: Perseverance is a quality that behooves in a scholar.

Origin of behoove

before 900; Middle English behoven, Old English behōfian to need (behōf behoof + -ian infinitive suffix) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (bɪˈhuːf) /

noun plural -hooves

rare advantage or profit

Word Origin for behoof

Old English behōf; related to Middle High German behuof something useful; see behove

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