US bejeweled

/ (bɪˈdʒuːəld) /

  1. decorated with or as if with jewels

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How to use bejewelled in a sentence

  • From his huge, ornate, gold watch-chain hung three or four bejewelled insignia of secret societies that he was a member of.

    Tramping on Life | Harry Kemp
  • Society, bejewelled as never before, was given up to the cult of the Russian Ballet and the worship of Chaliapine.

  • And around the body there was a woman's arm, a finely shaped, beautiful, bejewelled arm.

  • Among them is a fine piece of Byzantine much-bejewelled metal work known as the Cross of Zaccaria.

    Cathedral Cities of Italy | William Wiehe Collins
  • Tiny beads of sweat bejewelled his brow, the lilac bush began to revolve swiftly about him.

    Bunker Bean | Harry Leon Wilson