Origin of beleaguer

First recorded in 1580–90; be- + leaguer1
Related formsbe·lea·guer·er, noun

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Related Words for beleaguering

beset, bedevil, plague, annoy, gnaw, nag, tease, bother, pester, vex, blockade, persecute, storm, harry, worry, badger, siege

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Historical Examples of beleaguering

  • The winter settled after that with a beleaguering of steeps and broken levels under a blockade of stark hardship.

    The Roof Tree

    Charles Neville Buck

  • Had it been otherwise, there would have been no beleaguering of girls in forts, and Canada would have lost a pretty story.

  • The beleaguering force outside the fort, he said, must outnumber ours two to one.

    In the Valley

    Harold Frederic

  • He had to learn how great was the scientific skill and resource of Maurice in the art of beleaguering.

    History of Holland

    George Edmundson

  • Every wall had its "military engines capable of playing on the siege-works of the beleaguering army."


    William Holden Hutton

British Dictionary definitions for beleaguering


verb (tr)
  1. to trouble persistently; harass
  2. to lay siege to

Word Origin for beleaguer

C16: from be- + leaguer 1
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Word Origin and History for beleaguering



1580s, from Dutch or Low German belegeren "to besiege," from be- "around" (see be-) + legeren "to camp," from leger "bed, camp, army, lair," from Proto-Germanic *leg-raz-, from PIE *legh-to- "lie" (see lie (v.2)). A word from the Flemish Wars (cf. Swedish belägra, Dutch belegeren "besiege," German Belagerung "siege"). Spelling influenced by league. Related: Beleaguered; beleaguering.

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