verb (used with object)

to present as a gift; give; confer (usually followed by on or upon): The trophy was bestowed upon the winner.
to put to some use; apply: Time spent in study is time well bestowed.
  1. to provide quarters for; house; lodge.
  2. to put; stow; deposit; store.

Origin of bestow

1275–1325; Middle English bestowen. See be-, stow
Related formsbe·stow·al, be·stow·ment, nounmis·be·stow, verb (used with object)pre·be·stow, verb (used with object)pre·be·stow·al, nounun·be·stowed, adjectivewell-be·stowed, adjective

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Examples from the Web for bestowal

Contemporary Examples of bestowal

  • But that bestowal of trust is just one way in which Jim has prepared the NewsHour for a future in the digital age.

    The Daily Beast logo
    Jim Lehrer's Stealthy Exit

    Robert MacNeil

    May 13, 2011

Historical Examples of bestowal

  • It is Plato's greatest concession to the metic, as the bestowal of freedom is his greatest concession to the slave.



  • Since you have been a father, to know reasons for the bestowal of daughters.

    The Arrow-Maker

    Mary Austin

  • For other reason than this the bestowal would signify not at all.

  • Nay, brother, you have bought the horse, and you may have the bestowal of it.

    Sir Nigel

    Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Encouragement given to artists by the bestowal of great honours.

British Dictionary definitions for bestowal


verb (tr)

to present (a gift) or confer (an award or honour)
archaic to apply (energy, resources, etc)
archaic to house (a person) or store (goods)
Derived Formsbestowal or bestowment, nounbestower, noun
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Word Origin and History for bestowal

1773, from bestow + -al (2).



early 14c., bistowen "give" (as alms, etc.), from be- + stowen "to place" (see stow). Related: Bestowed; bestowing; bestower.

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