[ burl ]
/ bɜrl /

verb (used with object)

Chiefly Northern U.S. Lumbering. to cause (a floating log) to rotate rapidly by treading upon it.
British. to spin or cause to rotate.

verb (used without object)

Chiefly Northern U.S. Lumbering. to cause a floating log to rotate rapidly by treading on it.
  1. to move or rotate rapidly.
  2. Informal. to spend money freely.
  3. Informal. to gamble.


British Informal. an attempt; a gamble.

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Origin of birl

1715–25; perhaps blend of birr1 and whirl, influenced, in some senses, by birle

Related formsbirl·er, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for birl

  • Suddenly with one accord they commenced to birl the log from left to right.

    Blazed Trail Stories|Stewart Edward White

British Dictionary definitions for birl


/ (bɜːl, Scottish bɪrl) /


Scot to spin; twirl
US and Canadian to cause (a floating log) to spin using the feet while standing on it, esp as a sport among lumberjacks


a variant spelling of burl 2
Derived Formsbirling, noun

Word Origin for birl

C18: probably imitative and influenced by whirl and hurl


archaic, Scot to ply (one's guests, etc) with drink

Word Origin for birl

Old English byrelian; related to byrele cup-bearer

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