bite someone's head off

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Also, snap someone's head off. Scold or speak very angrily to someone, as in Ask her to step down from the board? She'd bite my head off! The first expression, dating from the mid-1900s, replaced the much earlier bite someone's nose off (16th century); the variant was first recorded in 1886.

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What does bite someone’s head off mean?

Bite someone’s head off is a phrase that means to yell at or talk very angrily with someone, as in The boss is going to bite Greg’s head off when he sees the mess that he made.

Bite someone’s head off is a figurative phrase and doesn’t usually refer to actually biting off a head. Usually, bite someone’s head off is used by the person who fears the wrath of someone else, as in Don’t bite my head off! I said I was sorry!

Snap someone’s head off is an alternate phrase to bite someone’s head off and means the same thing.

Example: If Jesse insults me one more time, I am going to bite his head off. 

Where does bite someone’s head off come from?

The first records of bite someone’s head off come from the mid-1900s. The first records of the variant snap someone’s head off come from 1886. Both replaced the older snap someone’s nose off, which dates back to 1709. These phrases seem to be figuratively comparing a very angry person to a dangerous wild animal.

You might use bite someone’s head off when you know you are in big trouble and are going to be the target of someone’s fury. This colorful phrase is often used in exaggerations.

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What are some other forms related to bite someone’s head off?

  • snap someone’s head off (variation)
  • bite someone’s nose off (variation)
  • snap someone’s nose off (variation)

What are some synonyms for bite someone’s head off?

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How is bite someone’s head off used in real life?

Bite someone’s head off is a phrase that people use when someone is really angry and someone else will take the brunt of the anger.

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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of bite someone’s head off?

A. scold
B. soothe
C. get mad at
D. yell at

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