[ in-fuh-mey-nee-uh, ‐foh‐ ]
/ ˌɪn fəˈmeɪ ni ə, ‐foʊ‐ /


excessive enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge.
Digital Technology.
  1. an obsessive need to constantly check emails, social media websites, online news, etc.: The fear of being out of the loop, not in the know, fuels infomania, especially among teens.
  2. the effects of this obsession, especially a decline in the ability to concentrate: She attributes her increasingly poor “life management skills” to infomania.

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/ (ˌɪnfəʊˈmeɪnɪə) /

noun informal

an obsessive need or desire for factual information
an obsession with keeping up to date with one's emails, text messages, etc

Word Origin for infomania

C20: from info 1 + -mania
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