blanquette de veau

/ (blæŋˈkɛt də ˈvəʊ) /

  1. a ragout or stew of veal in a white sauce

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How to use blanquette de veau in a sentence

  • It's a blanquette de veau, and you may be sure I learned to make it in one of the French incarnations, not a Vermont one.

    The Brimming Cup | Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • I, unused to women's tears, felt the desolation of the race of blanquette de veau overspread me.

    The Belovd Vagabond | William J. Locke
  • Of all persons I have ever met the least imbued with the vagabond instinct was the professional vagabond blanquette de veau.

    The Belovd Vagabond | William J. Locke
  • With that he took a great piece of blanquette de veau and to all appearances swallowed it whole without changing his expression.