or bloo·ie


adjective Slang.

out of order; faulty.
go blooey, to go totally out of commission; break down completely: If the generator fails, the whole system will go blooey.

Origin of blooey

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Historical Examples of blooey

  • Mother says, if you eat meat, your blood-pressure goes all blooey.

  • He was just blooey, and saved himself from being pitiful by shrinking back into a shell of chalky-faced self-sufficiency.

    The Prairie Mother

    Arthur Stringer

  • I'm tired of being fed with a medicine spoon, and only let me get a sight o' Leyden at the end of my six-gun, and blooey!

    Gold Out of Celebes

    Aylward Edward Dingle

  • We p. 9 could exchange ideas up to a certain point, and then—blooey!

    A Martian Odyssey

    Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

  • We were heading for a school dance at Cincinnati and she was boiling along like she was in orbit when blooey she just quit.

    Code Three

    Rick Raphael

Word Origin and History for blooey

"ruin, smash," 1915, U.S. slang, probably imitative.

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