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[ kuh-kof-uh-nuhs ]


  1. having a harsh or discordant sound.

    Synonyms: raucous, grating, strident, dissonant

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Other Words From

  • ca·copho·nous·ly adverb
  • unca·copho·nous adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of cacophonous1

From the Greek word kakóphōnos, dating back to 1790–1800. See caco-, -phone, -ous
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Example Sentences

A psychologist might describe the benefits of this cognitive specificity in terms of “flow,” the buzzword applied to activities that focus the attention on something immediate and tangible, to the exclusion of the cacophonous wider world.

It is a cacophonous soundscape that had changed little in tens of thousands of years.

From Time

Their shocked glee was cacophonous: for many conservatives, the glitterati of Hollywood are a bunch of sneering atheists.

The halftime show, especially, is a cacophonous display of shock and awe.

The news prompted cacophonous street celebrations in Tripoli with guns blazing, fireworks exploding, and car horns blaring.

Sometimes, though, she looks determinedly frumpy in bold, geometric cacophonous patterns.

Others have no doubt quite sincerely refused to perform any music that sounded cacophonous to them.

Yet again, he talks vaguely of the intricate polyphony of a cosmic orchestra, cacophonous to our dull ears.

And to even that remnant of music--their few jumbled cacophonous melodies--they clung with a devotion almost phenomenal.

In Orocué they always began their cacophonous serenade at nightfall, and kept it up uninterruptedly until the following morning.

She had a black eye which the cacophonous fiend had probably given her, and she grinned like a happy child of nature.


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