[ bron-tuh-sawr-uhs ]
/ 藢br蓲n t蓹藞s蓴r 蓹s /
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noun, plural bron路to路sau路rus路es, bron路to路sau路ri [bron-tuh-sawr-ahy]. /藢br蓲n t蓹藞s蓴r a瑟/.


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Origin of brontosaurus

<New Latin (1879), equivalent to Greek bronto- (combining form of bront岣 thunder) + sa没ros-saurus
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How to use brontosaurus in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for brontosaurus


brontosaur (藞br蓲nt蓹藢s蓴藧)

/ (藢br蓲nt蓹藞s蓴藧r蓹s) /

any very large herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaur of the genus Apatosaurus, common in North America during Jurassic times, having a long neck and long tail: suborder Sauropoda (sauropods)

Word Origin for brontosaurus

C19: from New Latin, from Greek bront膿 thunder + sauros lizard
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Scientific definitions for brontosaurus

[ br艔n鈥瞭蓹-s么r蓹s ]
brontosaur (br艔nt蓹-s么r鈥)

An earlier name for apatosaurus.

Word History

Take a little deception, add a little excitement, stir them with a century-long mistake, and you have the mystery of the brontosaurus. Specifically, you have the mystery of its name. For 100 years this 70-foot-long, 30-ton vegetarian giant had two names. This case of double identity began in 1877, when bones of a large dinosaur were discovered. The creature was dubbed apatosaurus, a name that meant 聯deceptive lizard聰 or 聯unreal lizard.聰 Two years later, bones of a larger dinosaur were found, and in all the excitement, scientists named it brontosaurus or 聯thunder lizard.聰 This name stuck until scientists decided it was all a mistake-the two sets of bones actually belonged to the same type of dinosaur. Since it is a rule in taxonomy that the first name given to a newly discovered organism is the one that must be used, scientists have had to use the term apatosaurus. But 聯thunder lizard聰 had found a lot of popular appeal, and many people still prefer to call the beast brontosaurus.
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Cultural definitions for brontosaurus

[ (bron-tuh-sawr-uhs) ]

A large herbivorous (see herbivore) dinosaur, perhaps the most familiar of the dinosaurs. The scientific name has recently been changed to Apatosaurus, but Brontosaurus is still used popularly. The word is from the Greek, meaning 鈥渢hunder lizard.鈥

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