[ buhb-ler ]
/ ˈbʌb lər /
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a drinking fountain that spouts water.
Chemistry. any device for bubbling gas through a liquid.


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Origin of bubbler

First recorded in 1710–20; bubble + -er1
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What is a bubbler?

Bubbler is a regional term for what’s more commonly called a drinking fountain or a water fountain—a device that ejects a fountainlike stream of water that can be drunk from without a cup.

The word bubbler is typically only used this way in a few areas of the U.S., including Wisconsin and parts of New England.

Bubbler is also used in other contexts to refer to a device that sends gas bubbles through a liquid. Such equipment may be used in chemistry experiments, for example. They’re sometimes called gas bubblers. 

An irrigation bubbler is a device used to water the soil around tree roots, typically as part of an irrigation system in an orchard.

Example: The line to get a drink from the bubbler at the Sox game was wicked long.

Where does bubbler come from?

The first records of the word bubbler come from the early 1700s, but it wasn’t used in reference to a water fountain until much later.

As is the case with many other regional terms, saying bubbler when referring to a water fountain is often a clue to where someone lives or grew up. However, the word bubbler is also used in other specific contexts that don’t vary by region.

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How is bubbler used in real life?

When used in reference to a water fountain, the word bubbler is a highly regional term that’s typically associated with parts of New England and Wisconsin.



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People who use the word bubbler to refer to a water fountain are often from the Southern U.S.

British Dictionary definitions for bubbler

/ (ˈbʌblə) /


a drinking fountain in which the water is forced in a stream from a small vertical nozzle
chem any device for bubbling gas through a liquid
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