verb (used with object), bun·gled, bun·gling.

to do clumsily and awkwardly; botch: He bungled the job.

verb (used without object), bun·gled, bun·gling.

to perform or work clumsily or inadequately: He is a fool who bungles consistently.


a bungling performance.
that which has been done clumsily or inadequately.

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Origin of bungle

First recorded in 1520–30; of uncertain origin

Related formsbun·gler, nounbun·gling·ly, adverbun·bun·gling, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for bungling



(tr) to spoil (an operation) through clumsiness, incompetence, etc; botch


a clumsy or unsuccessful performance or piece of work; mistake; botch
Derived Formsbungler, nounbungling, adjective, noun

Word Origin for bungle

C16: perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare dialect Swedish bangla to work without results

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