[bur-uh l]


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or bur·rhel

[bur-uh l]


a wild sheep, Pseudois nahoor, of Tibet and adjacent mountainous regions, having goatlike horns that curve backward.

Origin of bharal

Borrowed into English from Hindi around 1830–40

Also called blue sheep.

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Examples from the Web for burrhel

  • Riding back we saw some burrhel on the opposite hills, too far off to make a successful stalk possible.

    The Unveiling of Lhasa|Edmund Candler
  • In Asia it should include the great Indian rhinoceros and its allied species, the burrhel, the Nilgiri tahr and the gayal.

    Our Vanishing Wild Life|William T. Hornaday

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a wild Himalayan sheep, Pseudois nayaur, with a bluish-grey coat and round backward-curving horns

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