[ bur-oh, boor-oh, buhr-oh ]
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noun,plural bur·ros.
  1. a small donkey, especially one used as a pack animal in the southwestern U.S.

  2. any donkey.

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Origin of burro

1790–1800; <Spanish <Portuguese, back formation from burrico ass <Vulgar Latin *burriccus for Late Latin burrīcus pony

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How to use burro in a sentence

  • Billie, who was giving a short ration of water to the burro, called across to ask what Kit was laughing at in that hilarious way.

    The Treasure Trail | Marah Ellis Ryan
  • One of the men had a club, and every once in a while he would reach over and hit the burro a heavy blow.

British Dictionary definitions for burro


/ (ˈbʊrəʊ) /

nounplural -ros
  1. a donkey, esp one used as a pack animal

Origin of burro

C19: Spanish, from Portuguese, from burrico donkey, ultimately from Latin burrīcus small horse

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