[ buht-uh k ]
/ ˈbʌt ək /


Usually buttocks.
  1. (in humans) either of the two fleshy protuberances forming the lower and back part of the trunk.
  2. (in animals) the rump.
Sometimes buttocks. Nautical. the aftermost portion of a hull above the water line and in front of the rudder, merging with the run below the water line.

Origin of buttock

before 1000; Middle English buttok, Old English buttuc. See butt1, -ock


but·tocked, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for buttocks

/ (ˈbʌtək) /


either of the two large fleshy masses of thick muscular tissue that form the human rumpSee also gluteus Related adjectives: gluteal, natal
the analogous part in some mammals

Word Origin for buttock

C13: perhaps from Old English buttuc round slope, diminutive of butt (unattested) strip of land; see butt 1 -ock
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Medical definitions for buttocks

[ bŭtək ]


Either of the two rounded prominences on the human torso that are posterior to the hips and formed by the gluteal muscles and underlying structures.
buttocks The rear pelvic area of the human body.
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