call in

[ kawl-in ]
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verb phrasecall in [kawl-in] /ˈkɔl ˈɪn/ .
  1. to call for payment; collect: The family struggled because her father was unwilling to call in the debts owed to him.

  2. to call upon for consultation; ask for help: Management called in an independent engineering firm to determine the cause behind the roof collapse.

  1. to inform, report, or request by telephone: The electric company will reward customers with a credit if they call in their own meter readings.Your doctor can call in the prescription to your local pharmacy.

  2. to participate in a meeting or a radio or television program by telephone:The listeners who call in to my talk show about science ask the most intriguing questions.

  3. to visit: We were instructed to call in to the office later to pay and complete the formal paperwork.

  4. to withdraw from circulation:The country’s leader issued a proclamation calling in all gold coins and gold certificates.

  1. Radio and Television. a program in which listeners or viewers phone in comments or questions to the host or a person being interviewed.

  2. Radio and Television. a live telephone conversation intended for broadcasting between a program's host and a person being interviewed.

  1. Radio and Television. relating to or featuring such phone calls or conversations: My call-in program about gardening airs once a week on the local public radio station.

  2. being or relating to a meeting, service, etc., that is accessed by telephone:The agenda will be sent out the morning of the meeting, along with all the call-in numbers needed.The grant funds a call-in hotline for low-income residents in the metro area.

Origin of call in

First recorded in 1480–90

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British Dictionary definitions for call in

call in

  1. (intr often foll by on) to pay a visit, esp a brief or informal one: call in if you are in the neighbourhood

  2. (tr) to demand payment of: to call in a loan

  1. (tr) to take (something) out of circulation, because it is defective or no longer useful

  2. (tr) to summon to one's assistance: they had to call in a specialist

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call in

Summon for help or consultation, as in We've decided to call in a specialist to look at Father. [Second half of 1600s]

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