[ kam-pahn-yuh, kuh m-; Italian kahm-pah-nyah ]
/ kæmˈpɑn yə, kəm-; Italian kɑmˈpɑ nyɑ /

noun, plural Cam·pa·gne [kam-pahn-yey, kuh m-; Italian kahm-pah-nye] /kæmˈpɑn yeɪ, kəm-; Italian kɑmˈpɑ nyɛ/ for 2.

a low plain surrounding the city of Rome, Italy.
(lowercase) any flat open plain; champaign.

Origin of Campagna

From Italian; see origin at campaign Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (kæmˈpɑːnjə) /


another word for champaign (def. 1)


/ (kæmˈpɑːnjə) /


a low-lying plain surrounding Rome, Italy: once fertile, it deteriorated to malarial marshes; but has since been reclaimed. Area: about 2000 sq km (800 sq miles)Also called: Campagna di Roma (dɪ ˈrəʊmə)
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obsolete form of campaign.

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