[ kam-puh-nee-lee, -neel; Italian kahm-pah-nee-le ]
/ ˌkæm pəˈni li, -ˈnil; Italian ˌkɑm pɑˈni lɛ /

noun, plural cam·pa·ni·les [kam-puh-nee-leez, -neelz] /ˌkæm pəˈni liz, -ˈnilz/, cam·pa·ni·li [kam-puh-nee-lee; Italian kahm-pah-nee-lee] /ˌkæm pəˈni li; Italian ˌkɑm pɑˈni li/.

a bell tower, especially one freestanding from the body of a church.

Origin of campanile

1630–40; < Italian, equivalent to campan(a) bell (< Late Latin, probably noun use of Latin Campāna, feminine singular or neuter plural of Campānus of Campania, reputed to be a source of high-quality bronze casting in antiquity) + -ile locative suffix (< Latin -īle) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˌkæmpəˈniːlɪ) /


(esp in Italy) a bell tower, not usually attached to another buildingCompare belfry

Word Origin for campanile

C17: from Italian, from campana bell
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