/ (ˈkæmpɪn) /

  1. Robert. 1379–1444, Flemish painter, noted esp for his altarpieces: usually identified with the so-called Master of Flémalle.

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How to use Campin in a sentence

  • Why, quit takin' you out huntin' and Campin' and showin' you how to tell deer tracks from goat's tracks--and everything.

    Partners of Chance | Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • And there's two-three tinklers Campin' down in the Garple Dean.

    Huntingtower | John Buchan
  • "And we'll be havin' a fine time Campin' here," agreed Jamie.

    Troop One of the Labrador | Dillon Wallace
  • You see, I was Campin' up on the Moonstone for a change of air, and Collie and me had a meetin' of the board of dissectors.

    Overland Red | Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • I suppose they're this here bunch what's Campin' down by the brook and been runnin' all over the country to-day?

    Troop One of the Labrador | Dillon Wallace