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[kan-sel-uh s]
noun, plural can·cel·li [kan-sel-ahy, -sel-ee] /kænˈsɛl aɪ, -ˈsɛl i/. Architecture.
  1. (in an early Christian basilica) one of a row of bars separating the clergy and sometimes the choir from the congregation.
  2. (in an ancient Roman basilica) one of a row of bars separating the court personnel from the spectators.
  3. cancelli, a screen of such bars.
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Origin of cancellus

< Latin, equivalent to canc(rī) grating (plural of cancer, apparently dissimilated form of carcer prison) + -ellus diminutive suffix
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cancellus in Medicine


n. pl. can•cel•li (-lī′)
  1. A latticelike structure, such as spongy bone.
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