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[kan-vuh s]
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  1. a closely woven, heavy cloth of cotton, hemp, or linen, used for tents, sails, etc.
  2. a piece of this or similar material on which a painting is made.
  3. a painting on canvas.
  4. a tent, or tents collectively.
  5. sailcloth.
  6. sails collectively.
  7. any fabric of linen, cotton, or hemp of a coarse loose weave used as a foundation for embroidery stitches, interlining, etc.
  8. the floor of a boxing ring traditionally consisting of a canvas covering stretched over a mat.
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  1. (initial capital letter) the brand name of an open-source learning management system, launched in 2011.
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  1. under canvas,
    1. Nautical.with set sails.
    2. in tents; in the field: the troops under canvas.
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Origin of canvas

1225–75; Middle English canevas < Anglo-French, Old North French < Vulgar Latin *cannabāceus (noun use of adj.), equivalent to Latin cannab(is) hemp + -āceus -aceous
Related formscan·vas·like, adjective
Can be confusedcanvas canvass
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Related Words for canvas

tarpaulin, tarp, picture, art, portrait, piece, watercolor, artwork, fly, shade, duck, sailcloth, tenting, oil

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Contemporary Examples of canvas

Historical Examples of canvas

  • Last of all, there was the explosion, the carrying off of the coin in its canvas sacks to the horses.

  • Kingozi dropped into the canvas chair, fumbled for a pipe, filled and lighted it.

    The Leopard Woman

    Stewart Edward White

  • All else on his canvas is subordinated to the grim image of the colossal Puritan.

  • The chariots, some of them still hooded in canvas, were very small and tarnished.

    Meadow Grass

    Alice Brown

  • That scrubby menagerie had not gained in dignity from its transference to canvas walls.

    Meadow Grass

    Alice Brown

British Dictionary definitions for canvas


    1. a heavy durable cloth made of cotton, hemp, or jute, used for sails, tents, etc
    2. (as modifier)a canvas bag
    1. a piece of canvas or a similar material on which a painting is done, usually in oils
    2. a painting on this material, esp in oils
  1. a tent or tents collectively
  2. nautical any cloth of which sails are made
  3. nautical the sails of a vessel collectively
  4. any coarse loosely woven cloth on which embroidery, tapestry, etc, is done
  5. the canvas the floor of a boxing or wrestling ring
  6. rowing the tapering covered part at either end of a racing boat, sometimes referred to as a unit of lengthto win by a canvas
  7. under canvas
    1. in tents
    2. nauticalwith sails unfurled
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Word Origin for canvas

C14: from Norman French canevas, ultimately from Latin cannabis hemp
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Word Origin and History for canvas


"sturdy cloth made from hemp or flax," mid-14c., from Anglo-French canevaz, Old North French canevach, Old French chanevaz, literally "made of hemp, hempen," noun use of Vulgar Latin adjective *cannapaceus "made of hemp," from Latin cannabis, from Greek kannabis "hemp," a Scythian or Thracian word (see cannabis).

Latin adjectives in -aceus sometimes were made in Romanic languages into nouns of augmentative or pejorative force. Especially as a surface for oil paintings from c.1700; hence "an oil painting" (1764).

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