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[ waw-ter-kuhl-er, wot-er- ]


  1. a pigment for which water and not oil is used as the vehicle.
  2. the art or technique of painting with such pigments.
  3. a painting or design executed in such pigments by this technique.

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Other Words From

  • water-color adjective
  • water·color·ist noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of watercolor1

First recorded in 1590–1600; water + color

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Example Sentences

This watercolor highlights the beauty of that process, with none of the tedium.

The neighborhood of West Coconut Grove was also a creative inspiration for Woods as he produced watercolors that celebrated daily life experiences in the community.

Bring your watercolors to a meadow and see what you create with a paintbrush.

Higher-quality paper is important if you want your notebook to stand the test of time or you want to experiment with different media, like watercolor or paint markers.

Since Blakeslee works primarily in watercolor, she naturally makes pictures that appear more delicate than Worrell’s.

Collectively, they span almost every technique and medium—from color pencil and markers to oil sticks and watercolor.

I did a watercolor of Blondie--of Debbie Harry--because I was writing articles about girl groups.

The Daily Pic: A watercolor shows how the great painter mixed the radical and the trite.

A group of unseen watercolor fruit studies by Salvador Dalí are going to be auctioned on June 18 at Bonham's in London.

“It was actually my first watercolor,” Richards said of the iconic image.

Instruction is given in watercolor drawing by Mr. Ross Turner.

It was a whispering little watercolor, and Joanna discovered it to my consternation.

He exhibited a watercolor facade elevation, stretching his arms wide and holding the paper in front of his face.





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