honoris causa

[oh-noh-ris kou-sah; English o-nawr-is kaw-zuh, o-nohr-]


as a sign of respect (usually describing an honorary college or university degree).

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Origin of honoris causa

literally, for the sake of honor

non causa pro causa

[non kaw-zuh proh kaw-zuh; Latin nohn kou-sah proh kou-sah]

noun Logic.

the fallacy of giving as a reason for a conclusion a proposition not actually relevant to that conclusion.

Origin of non causa pro causa

From the Latin word nōn causa prō causā literally, no cause for cause

causa sine qua non

[kou-sah si-ne kwah nohn; English kaw-zuh sahy-nee kwey non, kaw-zuh sin-ey kwah nohn]

noun Latin.

an indispensable condition; requisite.

Origin of causa sine qua non

literally, a cause without which not

exempli causa

[ek-sem-plee kou-sah; English ig-zem-plahy kaw-zuh, -zem-plee]

adverb Latin.

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honoris causa

for the sake of honour
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